My research focuses on three core areas: innovation, agglomeration (clustering) and labour markets.

An important, or at least well-read contribution to the agglomeration literature is a meta-analysis on agglomeration externalities. The first output of that project was published as a book chapter, the final output as an article in the Journal of Economic Surveys.

In labour markets, I’ve worked on the dynamics of location for workplaces and residence – quite a relevant theme in the teleworking age after the Covid pandemic! There are several papers in the pipeline on this topic, but in published form a paper on knowledge spillovers and job mobility is available (“Innovation through New Blood“), and in a working paper an analysis of employees’ choices when their employer decides to move (“Following your Job“).

In the innovation part, finally, I’ve contributed a study on the heterenogeity of innovation patterns between sectors, focusing on the absorptive capacity of firms, and one on the spatial distance decay of knowledge. The latter ties in with a paper on cross-border agglomeration benefits and a scenario analysis of such benefits for the Randstad-Ruhr-Belgium area.

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