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Staff overviews of the Utrecht University section of Economic Geography and of the Department of Spatial Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Statistics: The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice, Gerard Dallal’s basic online handbook of statistics. Very useful. Also note the high quality of many Wikipedia articles on statistics.
Utrecht: Bouwput Utrecht blog is an entertaining account, both informative and critical, of current developments in Utrecht, especially around the train station.


A panorama of Verona, from the Castel S. Pietro, above the Adige river.
A panorama of Verona, from one of the Austrian forts above the city. On the left the Castel S. Pietro, directly above the curve in the Adige river.
Blogs: Lots of interesting stuff out there, but I enjoy reading strange maps, the map room and, for those who like to look beyond just maps, information aesthetics and junk charts.
Travel: Who hasn’t wondered and struggled to find detailed travel information on airports? To and from the airport brings it all together. However, the nicer-looking website is definitely my other favourite travel website www.seat61.co.uk, which explains how to travel across Europe by train.
Graphic design: Top Ten Web Design Mistakes. Because good web design is difficult, and I do not master it at all. However, the most ubiquitous annoyances are well worth avoiding.

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