Coworking spaces are a special kind of ‘third places’ to work – neither at your usual office, nor at home. Why do workers choose to go to such places? What’s in it for them? And, flanking those questions: do these spaces add something to their neighbourhood?

Such questions play a role not only in cities and suburbs, but also in the countryside. In a large-scale European COST action, researchers from many different countries connect to discuss these issues. Together with colleague Veronique Schutjens I am part of this team.

Output from this project includes:

  • a book chapter with Routledge, coauthored with Milan LaFleur and Ivana Pais; the online appendix for that chapter can be found here.
  • a book chapter with Routledge, coauthored with Aleid Brouwer and Hans Westlund.
  • several BA theses at the Utrecht School of Economics
  • an honours project for students in Human Geography and Planning.

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