Connecting transport and agglomeration

In 2012-2014, I participated in a European project called I-C-EU. It focused on the Impact of Transport Infrastructure on International Competitiveness of Europe. The project sought to relate the concept of competitiveness to that of transport infrastructure development. We explained this relationship by state-of-the-art assessment tools, gave an analysis of the current situation of European… Continue reading Connecting transport and agglomeration


Coworking spaces are a special kind of ‘third places’ to work – neither at your usual office, nor at home. Why do workers choose to go to such places? What’s in it for them? And, flanking those questions: do these spaces add something to their neighbourhood? Such questions play a role not only in cities… Continue reading Coworking

Ping times: relating economic growth to internet connectivity

Since the last decade of the twentieth century, internet access has become a sine qua non for businesses. IT as well as online commerce have been growing fast over the past decades, and many other sectors also depend more and more on internet access; even industrial services such as design and warehousing, to name but… Continue reading Ping times: relating economic growth to internet connectivity

Following your job

Abstract There is a sizeable literature on the locational choices of firms and employees, and the impacts of their decisions at the regional level, mainly based on models of the Carlino/Mills (1987) type. The general conclusion from this strand of literature (Hoogstra, van Dijk, & Florax, 2005) seems to be that jobs follow people. Evolutionary… Continue reading Following your job

Does agglomeration have as many benefits across a border as it has within a country?

Spatial correlations exist for many economic phenomena. We also know such interactions are typically weaker across country borders than within countries, due to institutional, infrastructural or cultural factors. However, in spatial econometric analyses, the effect of borders is rarely taken into account, and all borders between regions are treated as equal. We distinghuish between different… Continue reading Does agglomeration have as many benefits across a border as it has within a country?


In a short article in Geografie, we performed a hedonic pricing analysis of houses in Overvecht and Voordorp, two neighbourhoods in Utrecht. This page accompanies the article and gives both a non-econometric summary and the full table of results. Table 1: Summary of results variabele huizenprijs prijs per m² oppervlakte (m²) ++ – perceelopp. (m²)… Continue reading Overvecht

Innovation through New Blood

Published in Annals of Regional Science (2017), open access. Abstract We model the influence of employee mobility on the transmission of knowledge between firms, assuming human capital to be an important influence on service innovation and firm productivity. To this end, we follow individual workers as they move from firm to firm, controlling for knowledge… Continue reading Innovation through New Blood