I teach intensively in the Master’s programme in Human Geography, where I’ve been involved in the redesign of the programme (2015-2017), under the direction of Leo Paul. More information can be found on the programme website. In that programme, I am a thesis coordinator; I supervise several theses each year; I teach a course on Regions in European Policy with Ton van Rietbergen. I also coordinate a course offering specialization modules in M&T. Finally, I participate in a yearly excursion to the Ruhr area, which marks the start of each new cohort.

I currently participate in the redesign of the Bachelor’s programme in Human Geography and Spatial Planning (2019-2021).

I co-coordinate the Minor in Geography (with Marc Schramm), offered to Bachelor students of Economics at the Utrecht School of Economics. The programme, which is chosen by up to 40 students of every cohort, consists of six courses plus the BA thesis, and I currently teach two of these courses (of 7.5 ECTS each).

In the academic year 2019-2020, I coordinate:

La Défense: benefits of density in a world city?

At the Vrije Universiteit, I was involved for many years in the first-year excursion Veldwerk Zuid-Limburg of the Aarde & Economie programme; in the course on Urban Economics offered at the Amsterdam University College; and in the STREEM Master’s programme offered by the department of Spatial Economics.

With my doctoral supervisor Henri de Groot I spent some time on his useful Core-Periphery modeling tool, which is available from his page.

I’m also sometimes involved in the Amsterdam School of Real Estate.

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