Upcoming events:

  • Currently enjoying a sabbatical at the Economic Geography group of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, Germany (August 2022-February 2023)
  • ERSA conference in Pécs, August 2022

Highlights of past events:

  • organizer of a special “Policy” session at the ERSA conference in Groningen (31|8|2017, with Otto Raspe)
  • invited to give a seminar at the Department of management, economics and industrial engineering at the Politecnico di Milano (Milan, 24|3|2009, and again on 14|12|2016)
  • organizer of RSAN Autumn Day in 2015 (Tilburg, with Roel Rutten) and 2017 (The Hague, with Otto Raspe)
  • winner of RSA Poster Competition at the “Open Days” European Week of Regions and Cities, organized by the European Commission (October 2013)
  • convener of a special session on The Evaluation of Rural and Regional Policy: Quantitative Techniques, at the RSA conference (Delft, 13-16|5|2012, with Eveline van Leeuwen)

Other key events I participated in:

  • RSAI conference, Marrakech, June 2020. I wanted to travel there by train – but the conference was moved to online.
  • Uddevalla Symposium 2015 (Sønderborg, 11-13|6|2015) and 2009 (Bari, 11-13|6|2009)Dutch-Israeli Workshop (Groningen, 3-4|10|2013)
  • ENIC workshop (Halle, 13-14|11|2014)
  • Geography of Innovation (Utrecht, 23-25|1|2014)
  • Dutch-Israeli Workshop (Groningen, 3-4|10|2013)
  • Dutch-Irish Workshop (Groningen: RuG, 12|4|2013)
  • Workshop “’Micro-evidence on labour market implications of globalization and agglomeration” (The Hague: SER, 13|3|2013)
  • SDIN workshop (Nijmegen: RU, 18|11|2011)
  • Workshop “Linked employer and employee data” (Porto: CEF.UP/NIPE, 16-17|6|2011)
  • RSA Annual International Conference 2008 (Prague: IREAS, 27-29|5|2008)
  • Workshop “Agglomeration and Growth in Knowledge-based Societies” (Kiel: Kiel Institute, 20-21|4|2007)
  • DIMETIC Summerschool (Maastricht: UNU-MERIT, 15-20|10|2006)
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop “Regional Innovation” (Cambridge, UK: CMI, 9-10|6|2006)

I also regulary attend:

  • ERSA conferences (various locations in Europe)
  • the Ruimteconferentie (The Hague or Rotterdam: PBL)
  • any Microdatamiddag (The Hague: CBS)
  • Tinbergen Institute workshops (Amsterdam: TI)

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